(video, 2005, color, silent, 18:57)

Thea Farhadian & Heike Liss

ZeroPointTwo, a video collaboration between sound artist Thea Farhadian and visual artist Heike Liss presents a poetic and simultaneously disturbing account of a woman having her head shaved. The work moves between states of ordinary consciousness and the collective unconsciousness. The metaphorical, cultural, political, historical, aesthetic, and religious connotations of head shavings trigger images of monks, skinheads, soldiers, cancer patients, political prisoners, witches and women attempting to break out of boundaries defined by society at large. Filmed in real time, ZeroPointTwo invites the viewer to enter an intimate and complex ontological space.

Photograph of Thea from the film Zero Point Two.

ZeroPointTwo (review)

Farhadian remains emotionless during the entire process, yet her newly shaved head, paired with the video's silence presents her in a younger and newer light - as if she were reborn. Farhadian and Liss said that the message in their piece was very simple, and that it was a conscious choice to not include audio with the entire review


Previous Screenings:

  • Shoah Film Collection
    Cologne, Germany, 2010
  • Meridian Gallery
    San Francisco 2006
  • Armenian Film Festival
    Delancey Theater, San Francisco, 2006
  • New Media Arts Festival
    Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art
    Yerevan, Armenia, 2005