Tectonic Shifts

Creative Sources Recordings 2016
Solo Album For Violin And Interactive Electronics

These pieces for violin and interactive electronics were selected from a cycle of works that blend improvisation and composition. Using Max/MSP software, Tectonic Shifts employs real-time processing to create twisted echoes, jagged rhythms, and microtonal landscapes. Recorded in the San Francisco Bay Area and Berlin between 2010 and 2013.


the Procrustean Bed
Tomomi Adachi – voice, electronics
Thea Farhadian – violin, electronics
kriton b. – harmonium, objects

Live performance with Tomomi Adachi (voice, electronics), Thea Farhadian (violin, electronics), Kriton Beyer (harmonium, objects) at t-Berlin in 2016. The Procrustean Bed is an ongoing concert series and record label in Berlin dedicated to experimental and improvised music.


BlackCopper Editions 2015
Thea Farhadian - Violin
Klaus Kürvers - Bass

Twelve short free improvisations or “musical miniatures” that blend the raw edge of sound, evoking the sense of the past & blending sounding structures with minimalism and traces of harmonic interplay. eXcavations presents a rusty, almost “archival” musical collection with a fresh sound pointed in a new direction. Berlin, Germany


BlackCopper Editions 2016
Dean Santomieri - Guitar
Thea Farhadian - Violin

Structured, free, and idiosyncratic improvisations for resonator guitar and violin, employing alternative tunings and preparations. These pieces present a wide expressive range, incorporating the edge of contemporary classical music with catchy rhythms, colorful timbres, and iridescent microtonalities.


Creative Sources Recordings
Ernesto Rodrigues - Viola
Maria do Mar - Violin
Thea Farhadian - Violin
Guiherme Rodrigues - Cello
Miguel Mira - Cello
Alvaro Rosso - Double Bass
Hugo Antunes - Double Bass

String Theory, an ensemble of seven string musicians in a live performance in Lisbon. These dynamic free improvisations are characterized by rhythmic density and nuanced spaciousness. Heptaphonies, skillfully merges the fluidity of free improvisation with the cohesiveness of contemporary classical music.


Creative Sources Recordings
Thea Farhadian - violin
Ernesto Rodrigues - viola
Guilherme Rodrigues - cello
Klaus Kürvers - double bass
Nuno Torres - alto saxophone

dé-collage speaks to a musical unfolding back on itself, tearing away and reconstructing musical fragments into a new whole. This unique recording blurs the divisions between sound art, happenings, and music improvisation. Recorded in Berlin.


The Asocial Telepathic Ensemble

Corvo Records

Sound artist, composer, vocalist Alessandra Eramo and artist, writer and theorist Brandon LaBelle initiated the Asocial Telepathic Ensemble during the Covid-19 Lockdown in 2021. This international collaborative work of sound culture brings together eleven composers, sound artists, curators, writers, and performers.


Gench, 2020

Thomas Dimuzio + Shelley Hirsch + Thea Farhadian + Gino Robair - I'm One Of 'Em
08:53 Included on Dimuzio’s live anthology of duo, trio, and combo configurations. 49 Artists, 28 shows, 10 years.

Retrieving Beiruit

Syrphe, 2020

In less than 24 hours, 97 artists and bands from over 40 countries kindly provided their compositions to be included on this project to support the Lebanese people.