University Teaching

Adjunct Instructor
University of California, Santa Cruz, Department of Art - 2009

Introduction to Digital Arts, Art 80F (lower division)
Conducted lectures for 120 student class that spanned from early conceptual art, performance art, to contemporary video, sound art, and film. Addressed theoretical issues such identity, race, and post-human identity. Supervised three teaching assistants, and the coordination of creative digitally-produced assignments.

Contemporary Visual Media:
Issues of Theory and Practice, Art 149A (upper division)

The course focused on controversial art of the 20th and 21st century and included Degernate Art, early feminist art, body art, and theoretical issues about representation, and contemporary Middle Eastern art.

Workshop Instructor - Improvised Music
California Jazz Conservatory, Berkeley, CA

Violin Teaching

- Twenty-five years experience, all ages and levels -

"I was a student of Thea’s, I found her to be a knowledgeable and experienced, caring, and patient teacher." Cozzette Davis, Student -

Introduction to Digital Arts, Art 80F (lower division)
Thea Farhadian, M.F.A. Mills College, is a former violinist with the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra and has played professionally for 40 years. Her teaching experience comprises 25+ years and has taught in public and private schools in the Bay Area, and at U.C. Santa Cruz. Her specialties include performance in classical, Middle Eastern, improvisation, and electronic music. She has an MFA in music from Mills College, an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts at SF State, and is credentialed Music for the State of California. She has performed internationally including in San Francisco, New York, and Berlin.