Oldenburger Pulverturm

Kultursommer Festival

Turmpulver, an Interdisciplinary collaboration with Barbara Baum (voice), Catarina Sdun (bass), and Thea Farhadian (violin).

Black and white photograph of Thea performing in front of a speckled backdrop.The Pulverturm, was a brick tower that was used in the medieval period to store gunpowder and remains the only surviving piece of the wall that at one time surrounded the city of Oldenberg, protecting its inhabitants from outsiders.

The performance title, Turmpulver, translated, "powder of the tower" was used to store gunpowder as well as wine.

This interdisciplinary performance included a methodical task-oriented performances, music, sound, slides, film, and spoken text. The piece explored the history of the Pulverturm, addressing the concepts of construction and deconstruction; concepts of ordering, reasoning, culture, and differences.

Oldenberg, Germany 1997

Silicon Valley, 2000

Spoken text performance (and electric violin) about digital photography and technology; musings about the meaning of geographical place and identity in the rise of the Silicon Valley dot com era.

Photograph by: Tom Upton

Abstract photograph of Thea playing the violin.

Excerpt in: "Artifacts: An Archaelogist's Year in Silicon Valley" - MIT Press, 2001. By Christine A. Finn